About Us


Mill and farm records show that grain growing was widespread in Wales. Farmers across Wales grew and saved grain well adapted to their local environment, each with unique straw quality, grain flavour, baking characteristics and malting and brewing attributes. Since the 1930s, grain production has become concentrated in a few areas of the UK and we are now in danger of losing our grain heritage.

The Welsh Grain Forum aims to change that, reinvigorating the Welsh grain economy by linking farmers, producers and retailers.


Building on our nation’s rich history of producing quality and versatile grain, we are encouraging more grain to be grown in Wales and expanding the market for our crops through:

  • Developing a network of grain based businesses in Wales to exchange knowledge and information.
  • Respecting our local farming traditions and heritage.
  • Supporting Welsh businesses and livelihoods.
  • Promoting quality Welsh grain products to the public.