Felin Ganol Watermill

Situated near the ford in Llanrhystud, Felin Ganol is a restored watermill with a fascinating history, which produces high quality organic, stoneground flour for all types of baking.

The traditional, slow milling techniques that we use ensure the quality, flavour and nutritional value of the flour. This is because whole grain is ground in a single pass between two horizontal millstones, retaining and integrating the wheat germ oil. This simple process is at the heart of traditional milling. Nothing is taken away, or added – whole grain goes in, and wholegrain flour comes out.

We produce wheat, rye and spelt flours and aim to source the organic grains that we mill as locally as possible. The mill is open for flour sales on Saturdays and in the summer months bread made with the flour is also available. Flour can always be collected during the week when we are milling, although to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to check that items are in stock before making a special journey, since larger quantities of our flour are freshly milled to order.