Mair’s Bakehouse

At Mair’s Bakehouse our  breads are naturally fermented, (sometimes referred to as Sourdough ). They are made using our own homemade Leaven of Flour and water instead of commercially made bakers yeast.

We make Bread using old traditional methods using only the raw ingredients necessary.

We never use pre-mixes. We do not add ( or ask our millers to add )  Flour Improvers ; Treatment Agents; Ripening Agents; Ascorbic acid; added Enzymes ; e-numbered chemicals or extra gluten to the flour we use.

We only use Organic Stoneground Flour because grain which is milled between slow moving stones retains more of it’s natural vital vitamins.

Most of our breads are free of added fat.

Time is the most important ingredient in bread making.Each batch of bread we make takes 24- 30 Hours from the first mixing through to the finished baked loaf. We achieve this through active refreshing of leavens and building of the doughs throughout that time. By using this method we ensure that our breads are more digestible and flavoursome.

We never use refrigeration to elongate our bread making  process. This method we feel only   increases the ‘sour’ flavour often associated with sourdough. We don’t feel the method contributes any extra to the health benefits which Sourdough can have and does not achieve the ‘Sweet’ tasting Sourdough Bread which we love.