Why use heritage grains?

Modern farming favours production of a very small range of grains, which have been selected and developed on the basis of their low cost, high yield and high gluten content. However these attributes have been chosen at the expense of flavour and sometimes nutritional content.

Baking with heritage grains

By introducing even a small amount of flour from heritage grains into your baking you will achieve much improved flavours and higher nutritional content. Heritage grains can be used in normal baking (simply substitute some or all of your normal flour) and will make great yeasted bread. They are even better suited to making sourdough as the longer fermentation particularly suits them.


Semolina & Wholemeal Biscuits. Recipe by Felin Ganol

All Welsh Spelt & Honey Loaf. Recipe by Andy’s Bread

Wholewheat Sourdough with Seeds and Seaweed. Recipe by Alex Gooch

Everyday Carrot Cake. Recipe by Azelia’s Kitchen