Everyday Carrot Cake


Everyday Carrot Cake
Recipe by Azelia’s Kitchen

300g carrots, grated weight
4 eggs, lightly beaten
175g muscovado or brown sugar
165ml vegetable oil, corn or sunflower
1 tablespoon orange juice
300g wholemeal or stoneground semolina flour (I used Felin Ganol)
3 teaspoons baking powder
60g dried fruit – optional

Pre-heat oven 170˚C fan / 190˚C / 375˚F / gas 5. Line a round 20cm / 8inch cake tin with baking paper. Add all the above ingredients into a large bowl but leaving the wholemeal flour until last. Mix well and bake for 40mins or until cocktail sticks comes out dry. Leave in the tin for 15mins before turning out on to a wire rack to finish cooling completely. Notes If top is browning too quickly cover with foil towards the end.

Photograph & recipe courtesy www.azeliaskitchen.net