Below are a few resources we have found useful. If you have anything you would like to share, why not get in touch through the website or tweet or facebook us?



  • The Food Programme – The Grain Divide –  Dan Saladino discovers a worldwide movement of farmers, bakers and breeders rethinking and rediscovering wheat – from long-lost varieties and flavours to re-imagining the future of our relationship with this grain.
  • Cereal- the award winning podcast by FarmeramaCEREAL tells the stories of those at the centre of a new grains movement where soil health, human health, and cereal diversity are prioritised, ensuring grains are more resilient in a time of climate crisis. With contributions from several of our members.
  • Who Feeds UsWho Feeds Us? is a chorus from the people who have fed us throughout the pandemic: people from all over the UK, of many different ages and beliefs, from different backgrounds, regions and classes; farmers, growers, community leaders, healers, chefs, beekeepers, and fishers. Over seven episodes, narrator Katie Revell will share with you the experiences of these people and explore what it really means to take on the responsibility of feeding and nourishing our communities. Join us, as we consider how the pandemic has made clear that food doesn’t come from shelves – and never did. Instead, food comes from the sea, the soil, and the hands of people.